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Jan to Feb Favourites

You know what? I totally forgot that there’s only 28 days this month. Which means, two months has already gone this year. How absurd. Anyway, I’ve gathered the idea of writing about my monthly favourites. These are the lucky things that I’ve chosen for my January to February favourites: 1. Flavoured lip balm by It’s… Continue reading Jan to Feb Favourites


Short people can’t wear long coats?

People nowadays wear almost every impossible thing you’d possibly imagine. As long as it is fashion, it is acceptable. And yet, some people dare to say that long coats aren’t meant for short people. How dare you look down on us shorties? I have always been a fan of long coat. The longer the better,… Continue reading Short people can’t wear long coats?

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London Modest Fashion Week ’17

o London Modest Fashion Week (also known as LMFW) was definitely my long awaited and anticipated event ever since the beginning of this year. It happened at the same place as London Fashion Weekend, in Saatchi Gallery around Sloane Square, in which I have first went to back in 2015 (I wish I could link… Continue reading London Modest Fashion Week ’17

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LMFW: Majestically modest by Sahee

The moment the first model walked in wearing Sahee‘s design, I was in awe. I have always been a huge fan of beautiful dresses, and Sahee couldn’t have designed any other perfections than a dress should be. The fabrics, the laces, the flows are all on point. To describe the whole design would be, a… Continue reading LMFW: Majestically modest by Sahee

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LMFW: Furry Robe by Avyaana Abayah

Purposely let the picture above be the justice to my title (actually, the model captured my eyes the most). When I said furry robe, did you imagine those fluffy ones that you would want to be snuggling inside on Sunday morning? So, you’ve been fooled. Avyaana Abayah‘s designs came second at the very particular show… Continue reading LMFW: Furry Robe by Avyaana Abayah


New blog and finally owning it

Time after time, I would remind myself to update my blog, but a busy (reads: lazy) woman like me is highly unable to obey such thought. Sadly, and yet again, I’ve abandoned my previous third blog and decided to start anew. All because of my  disinterest with its lacking of updates, thus, I had nothing… Continue reading New blog and finally owning it