Short people can’t wear long coats?

People nowadays wear almost every impossible thing you’d possibly imagine. As long as it is fashion, it is acceptable. And yet, some people dare to say that long coats aren’t meant for short people. How dare you look down on us shorties?

I have always been a fan of long coat. The longer the better, but you see, I’m only 160cm (possibly 1cm shorter but we are allowed to round it up you know). So, in my desperate attempt to actually make it work, I wore it with a pair of tailored vertical line jogger pants that I bought from Bershka. That’s a long name for a trousers but mannn, I do love Bershka.


I fell in love with it the coat the moment I saw it on the sale rail, I just had to get it. I am so grateful to this one close friend of mine though, who had encouraged me to buy it, and actually told me that I can “pull it off”. We all need that one friend, who is as well as your number one supporter in whatever you do. Thanks Saida!


I may look short still, but who cares. I’m no longer jealous of those with long legs and who could pull off long coat so well that they might as well be the coat itself. *rolls eyes*

This is your captain blogging, Ain
Thank you for reading this entry.


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